Spontaneo, dinamico, divertente, emozionante.

19 Novembre 2019 esfilms

Sposarsi in Calabria!

Are you looking for a wedding movie?

Are you sick of the usual boring wedding films?

Emanuele Spagnolo and his team will be able to offer you a real movie, making your wedding day pleasant and engaging!

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How is the service performed?

Shooting will begin during the preparations. The time will be decided with you and the other suppliers involved, especially with make-up artist and hairstylist, these moments will be told in the film and you will not need to be ready when I arrive.

The preparatory phase is one of the most important. Certainly I will take up the central and exciting moment in which you will wear the clothes of the bride and groom, but not only that: even everything that happens around you, the people present, the “nervousness” … the real moments that deserve to be remember.

This will also be useful to put you and all the people involved at ease, to overcome the normal initial block due to the presence of a video camera and to let relatives and friends understand that they can interact with you freely.

In this way you will be able to live with more serenity even the most emotionally engaging moments of the day.

It is therefore important to let you live it in the truest way possible, following everything with discretion and professionalism.

We will also decide together places and times to dedicate moments only to you, generally between the end of the ceremony and the arrival at the restaurant, without creating long waits for the guests and without expecting ridiculous and boring poses … simply, wonderfully you.

At the reception the shooting will focus on the interactions you have with your guests, with particular attention to fun.

Shooting generally ends about an hour after cutting the cake ( approximately 1:00 am).

The Basic Service is done by a Filmmaker (I’ll take care of it myself) followed by an assistant.

The importance of the groom!

Many times in bridal services (in Italy), the groom is neglected, obscured by the bride, to which many photographers and videographers dedicate 90% of the time. Instead I consider his role very important, not only to create a balance in the story, but also because very often the most fun and original things happen with him.

For this reason I always recommend the presence of one of our second filmmakers who, in addition to providing an additional point of view in many important parts of the day, can give the groom the attention he deserves.

What is a typical Wedding Film reportage service?

The basic service includes a film of  approximately 18 minutes, in a narrative style, able to elegantly tell the day, respecting the true nature of the moments (nice when it is right, respectful and solemn when needed).

Extra clips can be added (few video editing), moments that are mentioned in the movie but that actually have a longer duration. For example, if an important person reads a 3 minutes letter, in the main movie there will be the most significant seconds, but in Extras there will be more.

How do we deliver your movie?

The movie (and extra clips) will be delivered on a elegant USB pen in a wooden box (or private online video album).


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